Invigorating Corporate Performance ... continued

Below are five additional examples issues where Political Savvy "know how" can lead to increased organizational performance.

Helping build positive, ethical and efficient organizations is our goal. Organizational politics is a dynamic in almost every key corporate issue. Yet few of those dealing with key issues know how to use what has been learned about organizational politics to build real world solutions to critical issues. The Political Savvy Advantage™ takes these lessons directly into account when addressing key organiaztional issues. The results are more realistic, effective and lasting.

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High Potentials

leadership training for companies best management talent with high potential especially for Succession Planning

"Some of our best technical talent isn't making it to leadership levels. How do we keep them on track?"
-- VP Talent Mgmt.

Many organizations have high potential programs. Those with superior technical skills are put on the fast track to upper management. Even if they manage others well, their units do not seem to be making the impact desired.

Often, great technical people are not able to create the informal networks essential to get their units work the attention it deserves. Too many fall off the fast track for their inability to learn the informal rules of the road neccessary to be maximally effective.

Those who learn to use the Political Savvy Advantage avoid this premature stalling of their careers and continue on to make greater and greater contributions.

Leadership Development

prepare new employees or future leaders for corporate politics

"Even if politics doesn't officially exist, we still need ways to prepare our leaders for how to best deal with it. How do we intelligently make it a part of our Corporate University Leadership Programs?"
--Chief Learning Officer

Because of the ingrained negative stereotypes associated with politics, it is often a very delicate issue to address directly in officially sanctioned leadership programs. Our research findings are the result of seeking the intersection of leadership and organizational politics.

One of the most promising findings is is that Political Savvy (sometimes referred to as Organizational Savvy) is the hidden side of leadership. Leaders with Political Savvy were seen as the most effective of all leadership types.

Political Savvy stands for the ethical use of informal influence. Thus Political Savvy leaders were effective in both the formal and informal organization. They were able to influence and lead upward and outward in the business as well as the more traditional downward influence based upon their position power.

The Politcal Savvy Advantage provides Chief learning Officiers with acceptable ways to bring organizational politics out of the backroom and help leaders address the issue head on so that they can integrate it into their overall leadership approach.

'Sharks' and Shark repellent.

avoid swimming with the sharks in your organization

"Increased competition, change, and scarcer rewards seemed to have created more overly ambitious, self serving individuals in our organization. They hurt others, are dysfunctional, and are bad for business. Is their any way to control them?"
-- HR Specialist

These individuals represent the 'sharks' or Darth Vaders of the organization who have been seduced by the 'dark side'. They have always existed and often use Machiavellien book, The Prince, as their guide. They are slick and difficult to stop completely.

Their are however, some things that organizations can do. They are ways to spot them early, limit their damage, and give others a type of 'shark' repellent.

The Political Savvy Advantage works with organizations to set up such processes in the organization. To do so if vital.

One of the clear findings from our work and ongoing research is that if people believe it is the sharks who get promoted, then much of the other programs set uo to generate greater commitment don't work.

New Employees

train new employees right from the beginning in organizational politics

"School did not prepare our people for dealing with the political realities of organizational life. Is their any kind of early training program we can add so that they don't get blindsided?"
- Corporate Trainer

It is a sad fact that less than 5% of any type of undergraduate graduate, or even MBA programs, do anything to address organizational politics directly.

It shows how deeply the fear of abuse of power runs in our culture. As a result, people graduate naively believing they are prepared to succeed in the world of work.

Our findings clearly indicate that negative stereotypes can be overturned. Then 'positive politics'; which actually reinforces the rationality of corporate decision making can be understood and taken to heart by the vast majority of new employees.

The Politcal Savvy Advantage is particularly useful at getting new employees started off on the proper and ethical track for corporate and career success.

Women and Minorities

women and minority success in organizational politics
"In a white male dominated business it is particularly hard for women and minorities to catch on to the politics of the place. Is there any thing we can do to provide a more level playing field?'
-- EEO Officer

There is much evidence to support that any group that is not part of the dominate culture has a tougher road when it comes to effectively dealing with organizational politics.

One of the somewhat contrary findings from our work is that women actually tend to have more natural political savvy skills than most of the men.

While men tend to compete and one up each other, women tend to collaborate and seek connection. These are key attributes of those identified by their colleagues, male or female, of being politically savvy.

The other, more unfortunate, finding is that while possessing more natural political savvy ability, women tend not to use it and instead tend to act more like the men.

The Political Savvy Advantage is particularly valuable in helping women get back in touch with their political savvy abilities to better leverage the talent they bring to business.

Minorities can also gain by better understanding the basic human nature dynamics at play that cross racial lines to create a more level playing field.

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Gain the proven benefits from the Savvy Advantage using various forms of Political Savvy research, books, seminars and coaching.

Mastering organizational politics through Political Savvy is a proven ethical leadership approach that any organization and any individual can use to both influence positive change in an organization and achieve career success at the same time; even when negative organizational politics are severe.

Contact us if you have interests in the above issues or with dilemmas you are currently facing concerning organizational politics.

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