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Interview with Dr. Joel R. DeLuca, Author of Political Savvy

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Order the DVD to download and be SavvyThis video interview with the author of Political Savvy highlights, in about 20 minutes, the decades of ground breaking research on organizational politics.

The Interview explains the Political Savvy frame of mind, or mindset, neccessary to use the strategies, or toolset, which are also outlined in this exclusive interview. This toolset is one that most people already possess the skills to implement, they just need how to apply it for the benefit of the organization and their own career.

This exclusive interview with Joel R. DeLuca Ph.D., in a financial show called Money Matters, delves into the various topics covered in the Political Savvy Book.

This is a tool that is easily used by CEO's, HR Managers and University Professors to introduce the Political Savvy thought process to managers and students. Create win-win solutions for the betterment of organizations and prepare students for the realities of organizational life.

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Take the First Step toward navigating the system in an ethical way using skills that you already possess!
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Covering topics such as:
The relationship between organizational politics and profitability.
Can an organization that promotes “Political Savvy” be a better place to work?
Are there organizational as well as individual aspects to Political Savvy?
How can I benefit the company using “Political Savvy”?
How do you define a “Political Savvy” person?
How does “Political Savvy” help women in the workplace?
Why do naturally intelligent people have difficulty being “Politically Savvy”?
How would “Political Savvy” skills have assisted during your military career?
Does the “Political Savvy” approach assist in dealing with “difficult” people?
Are the “mind-set” and “tool-set” learned or innate skills?


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Mastering organizational politics through Political Savvy is a proven ethical leadership approach that any organization and any individual can use to both influence positive change in an organization and achieve career success at the same time; even when negative organizational politics are severe.

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