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Overcoming Resistance to Change

Overcoming Intellectual, Emotional, and Behavioral Resistance in Organizations

Overcoming Resistance to Change is a 30 page workbook that is a great companion to the Political Savvy Book. Manage Change and Overcome Resistance in any organizationInitially inspired by a large corporation requesting a no frills summary of best practices for making change happen in an organization. Order This Book Only...

This book covers Ten Principles that will help Overcome Resistance to Change in any organization.

It is a concise easy to read compilation of the most effective principles and strategies for overcoming resistance to change. Dr. DeLuca's "Overcoming Resistance to Change" book cuts to the core of one of the most difficult aspects managers face in keeping pace with rapid change.

The Ten Principles covered in this book:

  1. Don't use the model that made you successful.
    Strategy Implementation is not Organizational Change.
  2. Start at the end rather than at the beginning.
    Change is more of a circular than a linear, sequential process.
  3. Treat resistance as the organization's immune system.
    Don't resist resistance.
  4. Treat "head" or intellectual resistance as an issue of perspective.
    You have to see something new before you can do something new.
  5. Treat "heart" or emotional resistance as an issue of self esteem.
    "Saving face" is a critical issue in making change happen.
  6. Treat "feet" or behavioral resistance as an issue of habit.
    Behavioral Resistance has both systematic and cultural components.
  7. Diagnose the organization's resistance profile
    Change what only needs to be changed.
  8. Activate the organization's own change cycle.
    Organizations are capable of changing themselves once they are properly stimulated.
  9. Prevent resistance from ever arising.
    Help the organization learn the "Many-Few-Many-Few" process.
  10. Remember that organizational change is based on "pull through" not "push through" thinking and design.
Intellectual Resistance : Emotional Resistance : Behavioral Resistance


To make a change in any organization there are three key obstacles:
Intellectual Resistance,
Emotional Resistance,
and Behavioral Resistance.

Overcome these obstacles with tips and strategies in this handy workbook.

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