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Political Savvy (entire book):

PDF Version of Political Savvy
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Political Savvy (by chapter):

  1. Introduction
    Read Chapter 1 Online at No Charge.

  2. Understanding Your Own Political Style

    Before managers can strenghthen their own Political Savvy, awareness of their own political style and that of others is essential.

    This chapter helps managers to make a conscious choice about their style. It is one of the most intriguing aspects of organizational politics, and the basis for understanding various corporate cultures.

  3. The Political Blind Spot

    Chapter 3 is on the Political Blind Spot, referring to the common problem of not seeing the political realities in an organization.

    This chapter addresses how to overcome the common road blocks that prevent managers from advancing in organizational life.

  4. A Case Example - Milford Steel
    Not for Individual Sale - Case Study as a basis for Political Savvy Mindset and Toolset of Strategies.

  5. Mapping the Political Territory using the OPMT Tool

    Most managers attempt to intuitively organize the information needed to formulate a solution but can often risk being unsystematic and leaving out key peices of data.

    The Organization Politics Mapping Technique (OPMT) outlined in this chapter captures what the naturally political savvy manager does intuitively. Try it for yourself and your organization to create win-win results.

  6. Developing Coalitions

    Chapter 6 is on Developing Coalitions, even intuitively savvy individuals often overlook this critical element of strategy development.

    Read this chapter to learn about forming coalitions and alliances to create a win-win situation for the company and yourself. As well as to manage the dark side of change in any organization.

  7. Charting A Political Strategy: Agenda Linking

    This chapter provides the cornerstone of all strategy formulation for working the human system of the organization - agenda linking.

    This chapter helps managers to develop the primary components of agenda linking in any organization including identifying multiple agendas, brainstorming the win-win possibilities, and building an action coalition.

  8. 101 Ways to Shoot Onself in the Foot: Know the Organizations Culture

    In actuality there is no generic list of foot shooting actions that applies to every organization, because it differs significantly from organization to organization.

    What this brief chapter does is to help you become aware of the organizations culture in which you have become an integral member.

  9. Building Momentum

    This chapter addresses the nuts and bolts tactics or the "secrets" of the Political Savvy. This chapter provides practical tactics and a checklist for you and your colleagues of effective tactics that are essential to the Political Savvy Approach.

    Leadership behind-the-scenes entails building sufficient momentum for change to get over the hump of the status quo, see the vital tactics neccessary to succeed.

  10. Customizing Attempts at Influence

    The tactics and techniques described in thie chapter go down to the next level of detail in implementing strategy.

    Covering the nitty-gritty of day-to-day organizational politics and how to exact a positive influence on your organization, for you to be Politically Savvy.

  11. Handling the Machs

    Every company has its share of Machs (Machiavellian - or Negative Political Sharks). . Part of being an Ethical player in the organization is in helping the to remain or become an ethical organization.

    This chapter provides effective counter measures to defend yourself and your company from these sharks

  12. Summary
    Not for Individual Sale
  13. Conclusions
    Not for Individual Sale
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