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Political Savvy I.Q. Scoring

What different numbers of matches with the Political Savvy Quiz indicate...

1 - 3 Matches
Scores at this level are generally not due to lack of intelligence. In fact, individuals with very high intelligence can score at this level. More likely, the level represents a mindset; one that is traditionally hierarchical, command and control in nature, and believes in being completely straightforward. This mindset is understandable given the messages sent out by organizations and for those brought up to see the world as a competitive win-lose situation.
4 - 5 Matches
This is the mode or most frequent score. It often represents the traditional view of political savvy. It is generally less black and white perspective than that of the 1-3 level of Matches. Attaining this level puts one with most other intelligent individuals who work within the traditional views of hierarchical organizations but who recognize that the human dimension plays a significant role.
6 - 7 Matches
This level of Matches often represents those who are likely to be as conscious of the informal organization as they are of the formal organization. Astute awareness of both allows them greater odds of effectively using both formal and informal influence approaches. Consequently, they are likely to be more successful at getting things accomplished.
8 - 9 Matches
This level most likely represents someone who is a natural at being politically savvy. They probably have intuitively attained a high degree of integration of human nature and hierarchical expectations within an ethical framework. The issue here is to ensure such integration moves from intuitive implicit to conscious explicit so they can better lead, coach, and develop others as well as using the full range of systematic political savvy tools. Congratulations! Only about one in 20 achieve this level of match with the Political Savvy.


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