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Succession Planning Solutions from Evergreen Business Group

It is of critical importance in any corporation to use succession planning to make sure that there are highly qualified people in all positions in an organization, not just at the CEO level. Previously, succession planning had targeted only one or a few of the key leadership positions.

Political Savvy seminars and coaching can train groups or specific individuals on the skills neccessary to move forward on the most important projects in any organization where continued growth and change are neccessary for corporate success and survival.

In order to develop the skills and behaviors you want that will ensure managers are working in a win-win environment to develop and promote an organization in an ethical manner. The questions below demonstrate some of the most important ideas in succession planning, identifying the skills neccessary to succeed in upper management and having a large enough pool of high potential managers.

Awareness of the political realities and how to recognize and overcome negative political manipulators, who will work to the detriment of an organization for their own gain, are critical factors to continue a successful business.

succession planning and executive coaching for high potential managers on organizational politics "Tara is top management material, but the others will eat her alive if she doesn't get coaching to deal with the internal politics."-- Retiring CEO

It is still surprising to many that one can attain very high levels in the organization and still be relatively 'clueless' about the politics going on all around them.

Sometimes such people have excellent technical and leadership track records that political naivate was not a deterrent in reaching their current level. However, more and more studies are identifying lack of political savvy as a key derailment factor for people who otherwise are technically and business savvy.

The higher one goes in the corporation the more likely understanding the inner political workings will be critical to their longer term success. That is why in these cases receiving mentoring or coaching in political savvy can make or break individuals as they rise to the highest levels.

leadership training for companies best management talent with high potential "Some of our best technical talent isn't making it to leadership levels. How do we keep them on track?" -- VP Talent Mgmt.

Many organizations have high potential programs. Those with superior technical skills are put on the fast track to upper management. Even if they manage others well, their units do not seem to be making the impact desired.

Often, great technical people are not able to create the informal networks essential to get their units work the attention it deserves. Too many fall off the fast track for their inability to learn the informal rules of the road neccessary to be maximally effective.

Those who learn to use the Political Savvy Advantage avoid this premature stalling of their careers and continue on to make greater and greater contributions. Arrange a seminar today to bring positive ethical solutions to the managers in your corporation soon.

When planning for the retirement or succession of a company CEO or other top executive first make sure the relevant technical skills are present then evaluate their political savvy. Read the Political Savvy book or use our consulting/coaching services to determine the needs of your organization or future executives.

Whether you want to assess your key managers political savvy, bring in a seminar, or provide one on one coaching Evergreen Business Group can help to ensure the future success of an organization after the current key executives move on to other venture.

Many times there are executives in an organization that are excellent in their specific job performance skills but may lack the internal organizational skills to succeed as the CEO, President, or other top management positions.

The Evergreen Business Group's particular specialty is the action strategy approach. We have found this way of co-strategizing with an executive to be the most useful to the individual and the organization. Making things happen is a more satisfying process of learning about oneself. The 'live' or 'on the fly' aspect of our coaching means access to a coach as needed such as just before a critical meeting to strategize or just after to debrief and gain lessons learned.

While our specialty is action strategy coaching, in practice we use aspects of all major coaching approaches. We tailor our coaching process based on the needs of the individual and the business. Our group is dedicated to helping those who want to learn more about themselves in order to better contribute to the business and attain the career success they desire.

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Executive Coaching

  • Learn by taking action in the organization
  • Increase leadership capacity by developing critical networks
  • Improve by becoming seen as an 'impact player'
  • Spot strengths and improvement areas through making a difference in the business
  • Develop virtual and cross functional teams to fill in needed strengths areas
  • Unique process includes 'live' or 'on the fly' coaching access
  • Learn how to leverage the gender difference

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Mastering organizational politics through Political Savvy is a proven ethical leadership approach that any organization and any individual can use to both influence positive change in an organization and achieve career success at the same time; even when negative organizational politics are severe.


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