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Maria Arnone

Political Savvy Certified Trainer

Maria Arnone, as the founder of The Learning Group, provides executive coaching services to international clients, primarily in financial services, telecommunications, and fashion. The focus of her work is on the challenges leaders face during periods of transformational change, including coaching of leaders on several integration teams during corporate restructuring. Recent engagements include: Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Citigroup (Investment Bank), Deutsche Bank, Polo/Ralph Lauren, and Verizon. Publications on these topics include: Managing Change in a Multinational: The Art and Science of Getting Things Done(1999) and Influence Leaders: What Makes a Difference From Finance to Fashion (1999).

Maria enjoys balancing client commitments with other educational activities. She lectures with New York University in the Executive MBA program and has held appointments with the Asian Institute of Technology, the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, and The Graduate School of Business Administration Zurich.

Prior to working as an executive coach, Maria spent ten years working on new product development for multinational consumer products firms including Warner Lambert, M&M/Mars, Nestle, Pfizer, and Continental Baking Company. Leveraging this background, she has designed several management simulations. These include Financorp, an international financial services simulation developed for Citigroup, and Foodcorp, an international consumer products in-basket simulation, which has gained widespread acceptance in graduate business curriculums (Tuck School of Business, University of Michigan), corporations, and the federal government (Defense Systems Management College).

In addition to earning an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, she completed graduate work at the University of London and a language program at the Goethe Institute in Germany. She has participated in many advanced professional development seminars and studied “Lateral Thinking” with Edward de Bono.

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