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Vicki Weiss

Political Savvy Certified Trainer

Vicki Weiss’ career has included experience working as an insider and outsider in both public and private sector organizations.  She has witnessed the power of influential leadership in entrepreneurial, corporate and governmental organizations and how, used skillfully, these same abilities used in positive, ethical ways provide bottom-line benefits to organizations.

Most recently, Vicki worked closely with Joel DeLuca, Ph.D., the former Wharton professor and corporate executive responsible for the long-term research study and rigorous analysis that lead to a book and seminar of an organizational behavior that he labeled “Political Savvy.” For a year and a half, Dr. DeLuca shared both the insight and knowledge of his research and tools as Ms. Weiss helped his organization, Evergreen Business Group, in all aspects of the operation related to its seminar and book publishing operations.  Trained and certified directly by Dr. DeLuca, Vicki now shares these tools, techniques and strategies of influential leadership directly with organizations.

Previously, Vicki developed the usability testing, related evaluation survey instruments and assessments for the non-advertising based comparative ratings publication for businesses, Software Digest, and helped launch its spin-off, National Software Testing Laboratories (NSTL), an organization that offered independent product testing services for product development or marketing purposes to medium to large software and hardware. 

From the inception of the personal computer revolution, Vicki worked closely with top executives from a wide cross-section of companies such as IBM, Apple and Microsoft and many other computer organizations worldwide, marketing and selling independent testing services that provided information for product development and branding.  Over a period of 10 years, she worked with individuals in a variety of capacities who each brought their own stories and perspectives regarding their organizations.  After three mergers into increasingly larger companies, Vicki left as Vice President of Sales and Marketing of a McGraw-Hill company.

Early in her career, Ms. Weiss spent 10 years in Washington, DC working as an Economist for the US Department of Labor in the International Labor Affairs Bureau and then as a consultant improving the delivery of services to both federal and quasi-governmental agencies including the: Department of Commerce; Peace Corps; Department of Education; Department of Labor;  a large hospital provider in New York City on wide-ranging topics including internal organizational communication, magnet schools, minority business development programs, and developing a project planning program for an ambulatory care unit of a large hospital.

Vicki Weiss is a graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Economics. She is an active member of her community having lead many large-scale, high profile volunteer projects within the award-winning public school district in which she lives.

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